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Spaw-Test was established in 1989 as a research and training centre. In the early years of activity, its objective was to explore cooperation with the power engineering industry in the field of welding technology.

Progress in heating power presented this industry with many challenges. The major task of maintenance services was to reduce failure rate of heating medium distribution systems and to improve the efficiency of heat exchange systems.

Analysis of current technical condition of existing heating systems with regard to their reliability and performance has convinced us that the quality of the heating medium will be a major issue of the improvement and modernization of the sector.

Work in this field has led us to believe, that designing a special filter for separation of the finely dispersive magnetic suspension from circulatory water will be a priority in the error-free and highly effective operation of modern heating systems based on highly efficient heat sources and modern components of heating automation. Our company in cooperation with RDCEE (Research and Development Centre for Energy Economy) from Katowice was the first in Europe to implement a device equipped with the above mentioned function into heating energy industry. This device is known as Magnetic Strainer type OISm.

Test of validity of our actions was the Gold Medal award, which our product won at 42nd World Exhibition of Invention, Research and Industrial Innovation "EUREKA" in Brussels in 1993. In 1995 the product was awarded with an Amber Medallion, the main prize at the Heating Fair in Gdansk.

Export of our products to eastern markets made it necessary to expand the magnetic strainer series of devices for water flow of 600-2500m3/h range, as centralized heating systems of high capacity are very common in those areas.

Successful operation of our appliances in the heating industry has led to their further implementation in the air conditioning and ventilation industry, as well as in other industrial applications for separation and filtration of liquid media.

Technique of separation of finely dispersive ferromagnetic impurities from water and its solutions through magnetic filters is still one of the simplest, relatively cheap and highly effective measures in this field.

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Other products


We also offer thermal insulations for Magnetic Strainer OISm.

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Acetylene fuses

BWS-D-4-0, 15 fuses protect acetylene generators and installations.

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Other services

NDT of welded joints

Our Diagnostic Laboratory conducts non-destructive tests of welded joints.

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Pressure vessels and steel constructions

We make different types of vessels and steel constructions according to the client’s documentation.

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