In order to reduce energy loss during exploitation of Magnetic Strainer OISm we offer the so-called hard thermoinsulation. Insulation is made of polyurethane foam. Divided housing enables an easy assembly and dismantling of the device. Needs finishing (painting or lamination). Hard heat insulation is intended for Magnetic Strainers type OISm in the range of OISm 150/25 to OISm 400/100. Available.

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We also offer thermal insulations for Magnetic Strainer OISm.

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Acetylene fuses

BWS-D-4-0, 15 fuses protect acetylene generators and installations.

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Other services

NDT of welded joints

Our Diagnostic Laboratory conducts non-destructive tests of welded joints.

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Pressure vessels and steel constructions

We make different types of vessels and steel constructions according to the client’s documentation.

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